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\r\n\t\tDear Board of Directors and Board of Governors of the 375th<\/sup> Anniversary of the City of Montreal, <\/b>\r\n\r\nI am writing to you regarding the NomadFest Urban Rodeo event, which is planned as part of Montreal\u2019s 375th<\/sup> Anniversary. Rodeos are an \u201centertainment\u201d event that have no cultural or historical connection to the City of Montreal. More importantly, animals used in rodeos are subject to fear, pain and stress and to undue risk of injury or death \u2013 all in the name of so-called \u201centertainment\u201d.\r\n\r\nBronco and bull riding, involve the use of coercion to make animals perform. There is also considerable risk of injury or death for the animals. Statistics from the Calgary Stampede (one of the largest rodeos in Canada) show that animals are regularly injured and even die at rodeos, and many more injuries and deaths occur during \u2018practice\u2019 for rodeos which are not reported in any official statistics. Further, horses that are bred to compete in bucking events, but who don\u2019t qualify, often end up being sent to slaughter because they are raised to be semi-feral and are not generally comfortable or safe around humans. In fact, each year the Calgary Stampede sends at least 20 horses to slaughter after they fail to qualify for bucking events. \r\n\r\nEven without physical coercion, animals used in rodeos experience fear, torment and psychological distress. World-renowned animal behaviourist, Dr. Marc Bekoff has argued that the psychological aspects of enduring stress and fear can be worse than physical pain. Animals do not know when it will end and chronic fear simply is horrific and inhumane. \r\n\r\nThe Quebec public does not support the exploitation of animals for entertainment. In fact, over 70% of Quebecers polled by Insights West in 2015 oppose the use of animals in Rodeos. Many cities and countries around the world, including England, Wales, Scotland, the Netherlands and Vancouver B.C. have imposed strict limitations on the tools that can be used in rodeos or have banned rodeos outright.\r\n\r\nI urge you to consider cancelling NomadFest Urban Rodeo. Rodeo events, like those planned for NomadFest Urban Rodeo, involve forcing animals to endure risks and suffering that are unacceptable, especially given the unnecessary and frivolous nature of rodeo as entertainment. Montreal is a progressive, compassionate city, which has no cultural or historical connection to rodeos, and activities such as NomadFest Urban Rodeo have no place in the 375th<\/sup> Anniversary celebrations. \r\n\r\nThank you for taking the time to read this letter.\r\n\r\nYours sincerely,\r\n\r\n<\/div>\r\n\t\t<\/div>\r\n\t<\/div> \r\n<\/div>\r\n \r\n"}